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Interviews with Tom Condon

New Podcast Interview 2017: The Enneagram and NLP

Enneagram Global Summit Interview with Tom Condon
"The Enneagram and NLP: In-depth Ways to Change and Grow". This interview focuses on how people change and grow by combining the Enneagram with a method-based approach like NLP. What steps are involved in overcoming personality patterns, going past old limits and changing your experience of your Enneagram style? How do you evoke the high-side resources of your style or open further to what is beyond your personal self? NLP has some answers.

Tom's interview on Michael Neeley's Consciously Speaking podcast is here.

Tom's two-part interview on Andrea Isaacs’ radio show, What We Need To Know is also online. Tom and Andrea “talked shop” about how to apply the Enneagram. The methods they use - both their similarities and differences - to help people change and grow.
Part 1 is Here  
Part 2 is Here  

YouTube Videos with Tom Condon

The Enneagram and Relationships

Interview by Eleonora Gilbert of Conscious.tv

Living The Dynamic Enneagram
Interview by Iain McNay of Conscious.tv

The Five Elements of Change
Combining the Enneagram with NLP and other methods for changing and growing.
Tom describes the Five Elements of Change Model, summarizing what he teaches in his new audio series.

Tom Condon's YouTube Channel

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Stress//Security Points and Wings - The Enneagram's Hidden Resources

Enneagram Subtypes: The Subtle Drivers of Unconscious Behavior sample here

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